BACnet Discovery Tool (BDT)


The BACnet Discovery Tool is a BACnet/IP application for Windows® that is easy to install and use. It is an excellent means for verifying communication with MS/TP devices that are being accessed through BACnet/IP routers such as those available from Contemporary Controls. As always, this tool is available for free. To download, please enter your contact information below. We use your contact information to provide updates on software changes to the BDT tool. Your information will not be shared or sold.

Version 2.10 includes several new features:

  • Port 47808 will be selected by default, but users are able to name the port number to be used to account for situations in which the network is using non-standard BACnet port numbers.
  • Users are able to scan for single devices and specific points from said devices. To do this, users must select the check mark on each point to be scanned and each device to be scanned before pressing the "Scan button". Users are also able to control the scan rate in the "Scan Time" box. The values can also be stored to a CSV file.
  • Users can choose which network to use with BDT
  • Users can dictate if they would like to discover one or multiple devices
  • Users are able to write the device instance and device object name for a variety of BACnet devices
  • 2.10 also adds support for more BACnet object types such as integer-value (32-bit and 64-bit), large-analog-value, accumulator, etc.

Learn more about BDT by reviewing the Instruction Sheet: BACnet® Discovery Tool (BDT) Instructions.

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