This is a DOS utility that allows the Node ID for a PCM2x card to be set despite the absence of a Node ID switch. It is ONLY for Windows 95/98/ME. On reboot the card's Node ID buffer defaults to a value of FF (255). Hence, if a Node ID value other than 255 is desired, SETNODE.EXE must be used each time the host computer is rebooted.

SETNODE.EXE will not work under Windows NT/2K/XP. For these systems, the Node ID must be set by your Windows application when it initializes the card. For users of our Null Stack driver, this initialization process is demonstrated in the TALK.C sample code included with the driver. Also included is our programmer's guide which presents detailed information.

Usage with Windows 95/98/ME:

This program will work in a pop-up DOS command window.

The online utility is in a self-extracting zip file (44 kB) which contains:

  • the utility program
  • a text file that explains how to use the program

To download this utility, click here.