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Automation Solutions

Automation in the Energy, Utilities and Transportation sectors are growing and our Ethernet and ARCNET products are being used in wind farms, tunnels, and gas fields. Our BACnet BAS Automation products are used for sub-metering of tenants within a single building. With a focus on alternate energy sources, there is no lack of need for reliable networking technology.

BACnet Building Automation and Control Network, developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), is the most popular open protocol found in building automation and energy management systems. The intent of this open standard is to allow building owners and systems integrators the opportunity to pick and choose BACnet-compliant equipment from various vendors. Contemporary Controls endorses the "open control" concept and its BASautomation line of BACnet products offers open solutions when implementing networked controls in buildings.

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Designed for unattended operation in environments not conducive to office-grade equipment, CTRLink overcomes the challenges that Ethernet presents to the automation professional by providing convenient mounting in control panels, low-voltage power wiring, improved EMC compliance, and reliability. All CTRLink product enclosures are metal and intended for direct panel, rack or DIN-rail mounting. Metal DIN-rail clips prevent damage during installation. Most products can share with other automation equipment a common 24 VAC/VDC power source, eliminating the need for a dedicated mains-powered transformer. Most models have provisions for redundant power sources to accommodate back-up strategies in critical applications.

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ARCNET's longevity testifies that it is regarded as one of the most robust industrial networking technologies available. The real-time performance of its token-passing protocol along with its simplicity of use makes it ideal for embedded applications. Contemporary Controls is the industry leader in ARCNET connectivity providing wiring hubs, network interface modules (NIMs), network analyzers and ARCNET servers to Ethernet. We wrote the book on Industrial ARCNET and founded the ARCNET Trade Association.

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