Embedded Networking Solutions for Hidden Networks

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Contemporary Controls has a long history of developing bus-board network interface modules, communications adapters for serial communication buses, internal and external wiring hubs for several networking technologies. ARCNET and CAN networks may reside within machines or are used to connect machines together. Applications are diverse with Ethernet representing the next generation embedded network.

ARCNET's longevity testifies that it is regarded as one of the most robust industrial networking technologies available. The real-time performance of its token-passing protocol along with its simplicity of use makes it ideal for embedded applications. Contemporary Controls is the industry leader in ARCNET connectivity providing wiring hubs, network interface modules (NIMs), network analyzers and ARCNET servers to Ethernet. We wrote the book on Industrial ARCNET and founded the ARCNET Trade Association.

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Choose the CAN adapter below that best matches your CAN network needs. Each adapter features the SJA1000 CAN controller-offering the choice of 11-bit identifiers or 29-bit identifiers (PeliCAN mode) to accommodate both legacy and contemporary CAN networks.

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