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CTRLink Overview

CTRLink Introduction
This is an overview of the CTRLink Ethernet family. (3:10)

Diagnostic Switches

Introduction to the Diagnostic Switch
This video introduces the Skorpion Diagnostic Switch, which retain all the features of an unmanaged switch but perform like a repeating hub where all received messages are flooded to all other ports. This feature makes the Skorpion Diagnostic Switch ideal for network troubleshooting. (0:48)

IP Routers

Simplify Machine IP Integration
This video explains how the IP router can be used successfully to integrate machines. (6:35)

EIPR – Skorpion IP Router Introduction
Link two Internet Protocol (IPv4) networks together, passing appropriate traffic while blocking all other traffic. (5:32)

EIPR – Skorpion IP Router Advanced Features
Control the traffic between two Internet Protocol (IPv4) networks, allowing you to specify which traffic is passed. (3:16)

EIGR – Using the EIGR IP Router and a Cable Modem to Connect to the Internet
The Skorpion Gigabit IP Router, the EIGR, has many of the same features found in high-end routers, but it is simple to install and commission. (1:56)

EIGR – Cascading the EIGR IP Router for Additional Isolation
Learn how to cascade one router behind another router. One router becomes the main router and any other routers become secondary. (2:12)

EIGR – BACnet Traffic Across IP Subnets
How to incorporate BACnet/IP Broadcast Management Device (BBMD) functionality within the BACnet internetwork (1:54)

EIGR – Port Forwarding to Access a Private Web Server
How to use port forwarding to access a private web server (2:16)

EIGR-C – Introduction to the EIGR-C Skorpion Cellular IP Router
The EIGR-C3 is a high-speed router that links cellular to IP networks (1:13)

Remote Access (VPN)

RemoteVPN: The Secure Remote Access Solution
This video explains how the RemoteVPN service provides simplified secure remote communication (1:54)

Understanding Remote Access VPN Options (Overview)
Contemporary Controls offers three VPN solutions to meet your remote access needs—our RemoteVPN subscription service, and our Self-HostedVPN and BridgeVPN solutions. This video provides a brief overview of the differences between the three options. (2:46)

Understanding Remote Access VPN Options (Webinar)
Contemporary Controls offers three VPN solutions to meet your remote access needs. This webinar explains the differences between the three options. (16:42)

An introduction to BridgeVPN, which allow users to set up and maintain their own secure remote access without subscription fees and without the need for a cloud-based VPN server. (1:31)

CTRLink Managed Switch Features

IGMP Snooping

Rate Limiting

Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN)

Quality of Service (QoS)

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Port Security

Port Mirroring

RapidRing® Redundancy

RapidRing Demonstration
This video demonstrates how a 100-unit Managed Ethernet Switch network will continue to communicate after a cable break in the ring, thanks to RapidRing® technology. (2:48)

Trunking Redundancy